• Blue Mondays

    Bristol's weekly blues

    dance night

  • Welcome to our community!

    We’re a small group who meet up for an evening of dancing, chatting and listening to great tunes.


    The centre point is blues dancing. This is a relaxed style without much in the way of complex steps. That makes it ideal for beginners* looking to try partner dancing for the first time, or dancers from other styles looking for a fun addition.


    *Don’t worry, we were all beginners once! And we always love to welcome new faces

  • Classes

    We have a regular class and social every Monday. This means an hour of beginner-friendly teaching, followed by 2hrs of general dancing.


    7:30pm Doors open
    8:00pm Class starts
    9:00pm Social dancing
    11:00pm Head to the pub (optional)



    £7 class + social
    £4 newcomers/low-income

    £4 social only
    £0 if you’re broke



    Upstairs @ Pata Negra, 30 Clare St, Bristol BS1 1YH

  • Where to begin?

    Many of our members have never attended a dance class before. Even our teachers will admit to not being “natural” dancers before they started blues. That's why we run sessions specially for new dancers

    Feature Length Fundamentals

    The first Monday of each month is our beginners special. This is a 90min class (8-9:30) that runs through all the basics.


    By the end, you should know enough to happily dance your way through the rest of the night.

    Beginners workshops

    We occasionally run weekend workshops. These will be 3hrs on one day to give you an even more thorough foundation.


    To hear the news about these, it's best to follow our facebook page.

  • House Rules

    Some guidelines for our community


    Warm environment

    We want to maintain a safe, welcoming environment for people to dance, enjoy the music, and hang out with friends both old and new. Anyone who wishes to join us in this is very welcome.


    Be nice to others

    Please be friendly to all humans, regardless of age, race, gender expression, sexuality, or ability. This includes being respectful in your language and in your physical contact with others.


    Respect all bodies

    Please respect the bodies of your partner, other dancers, and your own. We are happy to help if you’re having trouble bumping into others or if anything feels uncomfortable.


    Asking for dances

    We want you to feel happy asking anyone to dance, and saying yes to whoever you like. However, please don’t feel obliged to dance - it’s ok to say no, and to accept that no.


    Appropriate feedback

    Sharing constructive feedback during classes is great if requested, but please don’t bring this on to the social dance floor. Instead, please come to our teachers for any feedback or requests for aspects you want covering in future lessons.


    Tell us about issues

    If you encounter or witness any issues in the behaviour of other attendees, please bring it to the attention of an organiser. We will then help the person(s) involved to change their behaviour or else ask them to leave.

  • Want to get in touch?

    Either drop an email below, or find us on facebook.

    Pata Negra,30 Clare St, Bristol BS1 1YH